Helix Jump Game

Voodoo made an exciting action puzzle game for mobile phones. Helix Jump is a game that will challenge your reflexes, brain and even instincts. The game is recommended to all people, young and old because the gameplay is straightforward, everyone can play this game. In the game, you are controlling a Helix Labyrinth which you can move left or right. The goal of the game is getting the bouncing ball through the labyrinth.

With placing a finger on the screen, you can move labyrinth. Aim not to hit the obstacles. But if you do hit the obstacles, it will all depend on which part of the obstacle you hit. If you hit the safe part, the ball will bounce back, and you will get a second chance to get it through, but if you hit the dangerous part of obstacles, the game will be over, and you will need to start over again.

There are many levels to play, and with time you will get to the skills to pass them all. Then you will have a feeling that all the levels are same and easy and that there is not much left to do in the game. But the game is not over, for new players this game will be hard as it is to everyone who never played it before. That gives you an excellent opportunity to make YouTube video of you playing the highest levels. The gameplay on the highest levels is very attractive and players who already recorded them self-playing Helix Jump already got many views, subscribers, and YouTube fans. If you have the determination and will to become the best Helix Jump player you can become famous over at YouTube.

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